May 14, 2018

NRB Bank Ltd. is a private Banking sector in Bangladesh founded by Iqbal Ahmed. It was established in 2013. It is the first bank to initiate secure VISA EMV card among fourth generation banks in Bangladesh. NRB Bank Ltd. is known as Migrants’ Sponsored Banking system. It is a newly invented banking organization in which original capital supported. These support entitled by non-resident nationals, deposit thought to collect typically from NNs and lend the following into local country.

This Bank has various objectives within its single structure and classic deposit-lending functions. The first purpose is to be a stage of NNs for their improved savings into the home economy. The long term objective is to decrease reliance on global financial institutes for outside financing in home economy.

NRB bank suggests huge group of products and services for corporate retail and SME. Bank introduced totally online any-branch banking from day one with state of art internet banking. These are both for corporate and consumer account holders.

This bank in terms of provide capable and original banking services, defense depositor’s interest, fulfilling shareholders need and behind economic growth of the country. The Bank works with exacting notice to channelize regular foreign remittance of Bangladeshi expatriate working abroad. It is also the inflow of inactive and less remunerative finance held with rich NRBs.

The bank shall dedicate in creating assurance for asset among the Bangladeshi emigrants. For this reason it is offering those preferred services, beautiful success and tenable investment through their assorted financial products. It will generate extra-ordinary prospectus to the aiming wage earners in receiving jobs abroad. The bank shall be the forebear in exploit new basses of fund such as assets secularization, issuance of joint fund etc. These are for tackling the needs of newly appeared financing areas for example SME financing. The corporate office of this bank is located at Motijheel commercial area in Dhaka city of Bangladesh.

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  • Established 2013
    Product & Service Banking
    Facebook Facebook Page
    Address: 89 Gulshan Avenue, Gulshan–1,Dhaka, Bangladesh.
    Contact Number: +8809666456000
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  • Name:  NRB Bank Ltd.
    Address: 89 Gulshan Avenue, Gulshan–1,Dhaka, Bangladesh.
    Contact Number:  +8809666456000

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